What Are The Best Event Venues In Auckland

Almost every bride has a dream of spending a pleasant life ahead. When you set your wedding objectives, “Reception” is the time to ground those goals in reality for the couple. The number of variables like venues, budgeting, dresses, and other formalities will equally contribute to this decision. As well as it consists of guest’s attention towards the couple, entertainment, setting a theme all is done when wedding reception venues are chosen. To make it more memorable scenery plays an important part in taking pictures.

Wedding Reception Venues in Auckland:

Rydges Auckland: It is based on Roof Top Terries, walled by brighter water which added more elegance with a splendid view. Rydges Auckland can provide around 140 guests sitting arrangement, including other packages, which will give you joy and relaxation under the eye of their professionals.
The Bluestone Room: Heritage of Auckland Durham Lane is linked with The Bluestone Room Bar and restaurants with the sitting area for wedding and functions. The charm of this venue is restored in this old history, which enhances its beauty.

They renovated their restaurants and wedding lounge with delightful colors, which represent an actual contemporary atmosphere, entire look giving an instant impression on those who will enter. The wedding venue is separated from the bar and restaurants, and they will provide services until the function ends. It has large space for car parking, and convenient passage to visit the heritage of Auckland Durham.

The Hunting Lodge Winery: It is located in the heart of Auckland‘s wine, around 35 to 40 minutes of drive needed to reach here. It can arrange almost 250 people and provides essential services for your big day. Interior designer’s décor this lodge in a wonderful manner and the specialty is that they will deliver you seasoning menu’s under the supervision of their expert chef’s. For wedding reception venues in Auckland, hunting lodge is one of the most versatile among others.

The Maritime Room: In respect of wedding reception they will offer fully experienced faculty with excellent décor planner and food experts. The features contain a fascinating lobby, entertainment, and a large dining room for dinner, which is set aside the ocean view. They can manage 60 to 250 guests for a wedding reception with the delivery of food, buffet, and cocktails, according to the need.

Hauraki Lodge: This is the most luxury Auckland’s wedding venue is expensive as well. Islands bound it and designed by extensive indoor and outdoor areas with gulf sights. It has capability up to 150 people, and also provide accommodation up to 10 to 15 people with six bedrooms with attached baths. Lodge covers its wide area in facilitating luxury comforts like swimming pool, health spa for man and women, golf clubs and sauna bath. There is also a playing area and gaming zone for children with a noble collection of DVDs. They will make arrangements for transportation, ensuring to give ease to their guest as the island encloses it.

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