Here Are Few Auckland Conference Venues With Accommodation

Auckland welcomes several tourists and business delegates annually. It is one of such cities that attract people for natural beauty, tourism, and business development as well. The companies having leading businesses invite most of the delegates to the city for conferences and treat them well here. It is not just about the business conferences but for the educational and many others in nature. Considering the need for an ultimate place to the held conference, the city provides amazing stops to have conferences and provide accommodation to the guests and delegates as well.

Crowne Plaza Auckland

The hotel is located at one of the convenient and central locations of the city to accommodate guests and delegates for easy mobility. There is a walking distance to the Auckland convention center and opposite to SKYCITY conventional center. Along with the best of accommodation, it offers a wide space for the conferences. Staff seems to be pleasant and well trained in welcoming guests and delegates for the conference and entertain them in the best manner.

Jet Park Hotel & Conference Center

With the ten unique conference spaces that are dedicated to the conferences and have all the required equipment installed for the events Jet Park hotel offers you the best spaces. It is near to the airport, so it helps with quick airport transfers. Moreover, it gives the best of accommodation to the delegates and makes it easy for the organizers to manage the schedule. In addition to the spaces, it does gives an amazing skyline view of the city from the top floors.

The Hilton

The Hilton is one of the landmarks of Auckland when it comes to hosting events. The leading skyline hotel of the city has almost ten versatile event spaces with a capacity of 25 to 400 people at a time. It gives a huge number of options to the organizer in terms of selecting the venue for their conference in general. Moreover, the hotel rooms give some of the amazing skyline views of the city for the guests. It has several restaurants and bars with leading cuisines and specialized drinks for the delegates to enjoy and have a good time there.

Hotel Novotel

Novotel is the central conference center and hotel for the international guests. Along with the high standard services, infrastructure and interior it is located right after the airport. It makes the airport transfers easy and really quick. It overall reduces the transportation cost of the organizers. Moreover, the hotel has seven versatile event spaces accompanied by bars, restaurants and more. Other than conference location, rooms at the hotel have their comfort and provide a soothing environment to the guests.

Make a wise decision!

Getting the conference venues with accommodation in Auckland is a wise decision for you to have the conference arranges peacefully. It will reduce your managerial and logistics requirement on a larger scale. Moreover, you are available with world-class options in the city for the conference and accommodation; then you should consider this opportunity.

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