5 Best Wedding Reception Venues Auckland

People prefer to plan and arrange their events at the places which are good, unique and trendy one. When you are looking for the venue for the event in Auckland then the things must be considered are like: the weather, approach for the guests, trendy, have the resources which are necessary for the event and required, and most importantly the decorations and approaches can access the venue easily for the supply and for the other required things. People love to choose the location as per their priority and choice as well, some believe and prefer location inside the city and others go with the option of the location outside the city. Here are some options for the event venues in Auckland:

It’s a historical house which is now available for the receptions, events, weddings and many other ceremonies. Here you can find out the huge space for the guest’s reception as well as a number of spots which may add the value into your photographs and make the event memorable for you. This venue is a kind of luxurious option for the celebrations.

Ampersand eatery

This space is available and located in central Auckland and famous because of the food they are offering to the guests on their menu. Here you can find out the huge outdoor spaces, hotels and huge venues are available on your call, but this is a kind of small venue of its kind which is new and gives the ultimate outlook and exposure to make your event even more memorable.

Casita Miro

Casita Miro is the place which is surrounded by the beautiful and stunning views and the interior of this venue is inspired by the European style or the sense of design which add the natural and stunning look to the indoor and you are able to capture the natural light and scene in your photography. This is an award-winning restaurant because of the food they are offering under roof. They are specialized with the Spanish and Mediterranean dishes which gives a huge opportunity to the customers to choose their menu as per their choice.

Castaways Resort

If you are planning to have an event a bit away from the city then castaways resort is a suitable and stunning option. It is located at the Cliffside and gives a natural or beautiful view of the oceans from there. Here you can go with the arrangement of at least 80 guests which can be easily hosted by the management. Here you can find lots of other activities for not relaxation but also for exploration of the landscapes of beauty.


Highwic is a place located in the new market which is Auckland no 1 shopping district. If you are planning an event at their means it’s a bit away from the city but gives you exploration and it’s easy for the guests as well to approach there. Here you can find out the historical architecture, large and huge outside spaces for the ceremony or the event and give the reception to your guest. At this venue, you can find out the number of inspiring things for you and your guest as well to explore.

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