Opera Turns After Critizism; Brings Back Bookmarks

After complaints from a lot of unhappy users, Opera has finally decided to bring back bookmarks. Since Opera 15 is built from the scratch, based on the Chromium open source code, the Norwegian based company wanted a fresh new beginning and got rid of the features most people didn’t use.

Opera 15, was released without support for bookmarks. Instead, the company urged users to rely solely on the even more powerful “Speed Dial” and the new “Stash” feature.

Those two features combined offered much of the functionality that bookmarks provide in a way that makes more sense.

Opera knew that 90 percent of users never had added a single bookmark, so the decision to ditch the feature, wasn’t based on a random decision – but based on usage data.

The few who actually used the feature like it was intented, made quite a fuss about its missing presence. So much so, that Opera decided to bring it back in.

“We understand that removing bookmarks entirely for the people who actively use them is a big change, so we are going to build bookmarking functionality as a priority,” Opera’s Desktop Manager, Krystian Kolondra, explains in a blog post.

“I can’t give you a date, and it won’t be a clone of Opera 12, but I wanted to tell you that we are listening to you, and that I realize that not having bookmarks as people are used to makes it harder to switch to Opera, wheter you’re coming from Opera 12, or from any other browser, “ he continued.

There’s no deadline for bringing the much wanted feature back, but at least now it’s a priority, so it should be included in one of the next versions of the new browser.

Source: Opera


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